Hi, I’m dzumbu mmbara


I am an auto-didactic polymath (this simply means almost everything you are about to read i taught myself – not entirely but you get me), an entrepreneur, interested in everything digital.

I have been a little quite on Twitter but i plan to talk more about my growing side-gigs(You should follow me)

I was born and bred in Venda (The Republic of Venda no longer exist) currently staying in Johannesburg, Gauteng. I have been to Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Ghana, Brazil and Chile; the plan is to cover all African countries in my lifetime.

Well, how should i describe myself?

I’m an IT Specialist with focus on Productivity and Collaboration Applications, entrepreneur, writer, publisher and Digital Technology Consultant.

I have original content all over the internet, websites that i designed and host, mobile applications and lately self-service portals for some of the digital services i provide like bulk-sms. Check-out some of my work:

Some of my writings appear on:

My entire life has been characterised by “oops!!”, “Damn!!”; here and there “Wow!!”

Now i am sharing all the lessons i have learned in this journey using my blog(You should subscribe so you don’t miss out) and i am looking at speaking opportunities to share some of the blunders and gambles i have made in life and how they paid off.

Here is what I’m up to right now

The Consulting

Through my company Musuku Africa(The main side-gig) i have a number of customers that i provide ongoing digital services to. These include Kempton Smile, Happy Tooth Dental, K!twe Online and many others. My digital services include website design, mobile app development, graphics design, video editing, bulk-sms services, online music distribution, social media accounts management, website hosting. The goal is to expand my medical professionals and online stores customers.

The Blog

I am a late comer to blogging(this is not entirely true because Mayihlome News is in a way a blog I created in 2009 at my older brother’s instruction). The plan is to share lessons from the blunders and gambles i have made in life and how they have paid off. With your support, the plan is to extend the blog to YouTube channel and also speaking opportunities. If i can spin one or two gigs from the blog that would be a plus. Essentially i want to share my experience as a serial side-gigist.

If your are Medical Professional(GP, Dentist, Hygienist etc) with own practice, small business owner, online store owner, recording artist…

We should be working together, i can help you grow your business and reach new heights. As a consultant, service provider, mentor, manager and technology thought leader and expert i can help you use technology to achieve your dreams.

How do i do it?

I employ modern technology to solve business problem and grow business to new heights. I bring Digital Transformation to your business and you count the profit. Using proven, tried and tested methods, techniques and strategies i work with you to achieve your goals. So there you have it….

…Digital Transformation.

“Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers”

If you’ve made it this far… thank you.

Seriously, I deeply value every relationship I’ve been lucky enough to build from social media and on this blog.

Have a question about digital transformation, digital technology in general, website development, app development, social media accounts management, music online distribution, content marketing, or writing? Shoot me an email at dzumbu@musuku.co.za, I’d love to hear from you. And if you’re looking for something to read, head to my blog(remember to subscribe).😊

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