Bulk SMS is a communication service that enables businesses to send a large number of text messages simultaneously to a targeted audience, facilitating efficient and cost-effective communication. Most schools, churches, small and large enterprises are already benefiting from our cost effective Bulk SMS Solution.

Bulk SMS

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Send SMS

Sending SMS’s is as simple as selecting contacts or a group of contacts, typing your message, and hitting the send button. You can personalize SMS’s for each contact, and use pre-created templates!

Delivery Reports

You can view the current delivery status of each SMS. We provide true handset delivery reporting.

Receive Replies

Your clients can respond to your SMS’s, which gives you the edge when it comes to knowing what your clients want and what they’re saying about your company.

Contacts & Groups

You can create contacts, and add them to multiple groups. Messages can be sent out to particular groups, or to all contacts.

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