I Am Victorious: Resilience & Passion

I Am Victorious: Resilience & Passion

We have recently started with I AM VICTORIOUS Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by Victorious David. David’s story is a story of resilience as much as it is a story of passion for life. David was short in an armed robbery which resulted in him being wheelchair bound permanently. You will be surprised to find that David’s life has not stopped, he is still at gym almost daily, thriving as a life coach, giving motivational talks, raising funds for school shoes for disadvantaged school kids, surfing in the ocean and many other activities that even fully abled individuals cannot achieve.

We have seen ups and downs, all of which have required resilience on our side. But in these ups and downs we have had exciting moments and continue to grow.

Mid-term Review

Given that I have not written in a long time perhaps I should take this time to reflect on our goals and how we have been performing so far.

Our goals for the year were as follows:

  • Double our annual revenue
  • Expand our footprint to all 9 provinces of South Africa
  • Expand our footprint to markets outside South Africa
  • Enter Corporate and Public Sector markets
  • Grow our capacity through strategic partnerships

And this is how we have performed against each of these goals.

Double our annual revenue

This has not be the easiest one as we have attracted some of the low performing accounts that have affected our revenue. But to date our annual revenue is up by 75.23% from our last year number.

Expand our footprint to all 9 provinces of South Africa

We have not moved as fast as we wanted to into the rest of the province of South Africa.

As things stand we have accounts in the following provinces:

  • Gauteng
  • Kzn
  • Limpopo
  • Western Cape

Expand our footprint to markets outside South Africa

We have had prospects in Namibia and Botswana but to date we have not been able to secure business outside of South Africa. This remains as our long lasting goal given our Pan-African outlook.

Enter Corporate and Public Sector markets

We have secured few accounts in the private sector at a corporate level, but there is so much room for growth and we look forward to attracting more accounts from businesses at this level.

We still are in the lookout for opportunities in the Public Sector, but we have had to pay more attention to our compliance in the process of ensuring that we are best placed to take advantage of opportunities in the public sector.

Grow our capacity through strategic partnerships

Beside hiring, we have had to grow our capacity and offerings through strategic partnerships.

We have worked with Ink Link to provide printing services to our clients.

We have become a Microsoft Partner and we have started to offer Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Watch for exciting offerings in this regard.

We are working with Scaleous to establish a Fibre business and with Ngeno Media to establish a PR business. All these provide exciting opportunities for growth and for us to expand our capacity.

There is a number of partnerships we are still pursuing and also innovative ideas that we seek to implement to boost our capacity.


As we continue with the second half of the year we are finding that we need more resilience and for us the passion for what we do has been the endurance oil that has made it possible for us to thrive.


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