The Real South Africa

The Real South Africa

Well, its not like there is a fake South Africa but believe it or not there is a company out the called The Real South Africa – owned by a African American couple that has relocated to South Africa and they are in the luxury tourism business for Americans visiting South Africa and Africa in General.

I first met them at the Entrepreneur Social through another client but it was only few months later that they contacted me to do some work for them. Our first project for The Real South Africa is a digital brochure and they particularly wanted it to have a feel and asthetics of a high end magazine. Viewers had to be able to flip through like they would a magazine.

The video below is a glimpse of what we did for The Real South Africa.

The final product will be hosted online.

Let me know what you think about this brochure.

For now, i have got to work (Some of us have got to work).


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