Herbs goes online!!

Herbs goes online!!

South Africa is a great place to be. A week or so after the Constitutional Court passed a law legalising personal user of dagga, i responded to a Facebook post about an online store for herbs (although i only learned this later). The post was very clear that the poster wanted an online store with cart and checkout functionality, but what caught my attention was that she was looking for “No chancers only designers who know their stuff!!”, thats me!. I liked the post and rushed to her inbox to tell what i could do for her. Then i remembered she only asked for a quote to be emailed to her and thats what i did next. I responded after a number of responses but i was confident that my value proposition would be enough to pursue her. Two days later i got the call and less than 24 hours later we had http://nongxamelaonline.co.za online and the client is ecstatic.

http://nongxamelaonline.co.za is a interesting business, one that i never thought i would see online anytime soon. Nolitha is essentially selling African herbs(Not weed though), the kind of herbs that one would only get after consulting a traditional doctor. We helped her build an online store that would make them available directly to the public. If you are in doubt rush to the store now, you will find the most unconventional products for sale. Because we are offering Nolitha a complete end to end service we have already setup her social media accounts and ready to take her online store to the world. What was more interesting about Nolitha’s story is that she is not a sangoma or anything like that, she is merely reselling for a traditional doctor. Her principal has other resellers and she says she saw that other resellers did way better than her. Once she had attributed that to the limitations of her locations she decided to open her market to a broad audience by going online and online she is.

For Nolitha this move eliminates the barrier between her and a potential market of 32 Million South Africans and others users of herbs worldwide. As they say the sky is the limit!!

Lets look at the performance of http://nongxamelaonline.co.za:


If you have just visited that online store you may have found these statistics a bit puzzling. The accessibility, Best Practice and SEO performance are all good and acceptable. The Progressive Web App  metric is something we are not tracking as yet as there is no intention to wrap these websites in mobile apps. The performance metric is very low which took us by surprise given the performance of website. Although there is a slight delay in opening when it opens the entire ready is fully loaded, which is important in an online store.

But a comparative analysis of a much established http://takealot.com put us at ease:

It seems that performance is not to be a cause for concern given that they are consistent with the performance of an established store. However we intent to monitor and improve that metric.

In case you never thought of African herbs as a candidate for online stores now you know its alive and kicking. This just shows that when applied correctly technology can improve greatly the performance and growth of a small business…if you are not sure how technology can be used to improve your business look no further. Similarly if you have an idea that sounds absurd which involves technology do not hesitate to reach out so we can assist you into taking advantage of the amazing technology.

One day i will reflect on the business model that Nolitha is employing to run her business and you will see how technology greatly improves that sales process. But for now some of us have to work 🙂

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