Longrich, Websites and Measurements

Longrich, Websites and Measurements
Today i am taking Lefa-Longrich website online, it has been an interesting gig for me because i held a certain perspective on Longrich, their business model and potential. When the client briefed me i was a bit hesitant because i was not sure that it was aligned with my aspirations. Another challenge was that i was to deliver the website within 72 hours as it has become a norm. But it also presented a further opportunity to improve our workflow process to include something that is fundamental to successful gigs; and that is measurements.A business that does not measure its performance will eventually fail. Measurements are an important yardstick through which you can measure the viability of your ideas and gig. So earlier this year i started measuring my financials, using a system to record and report on every gig i got. As a result it was easier to see that as a business i was growing as revenue was growing at double digits month on month. And recently i add another layer to measuring my business by starting to look at the profitability of my entire business, individual gigs and customers. As a result i know customers who are burning my profits and i know customers who keep me afloat. This helps in terms of developing accounts where i already have relationships with the customer. Since i began measuring my revenue you can see the growth trajectory on the comparison below(This excludes revenue from the Music part of my side-gigs) year on year. 2016 revenue was so low with few high in June, October and December; 2017 started with a bang with noticeable highs year on year but inconsistent growth; 2018 i started measuring revenue and you can see the steady growth as i improve on my month to month performance with exception of July. off course you can assume that each horizontal line represents a million rands😉
Musuku Revenue – Year on Year
At a lower level, we also have to measure the quality of our work. With the Lefa-longrich project i decided to start measuring my work before release. As some of my customers may know we from time to time provide them with analytics of how their sites are doing online. But thats measurement at operational level and what i did this time is to measure at build. Measuring the quality of my work not the performance of the product in an operational environment. So i went out to hunt for tools to measure my work and this part is now going to be standard for all my work.Measure, measure, measure and measure again the quality of your work. I must say i am pleased with the results of the results for Lefa-Longrich and i can only improve the quality of my work. See below for the summary of the results:
Lefa-Longrich Website – Analysis Summary
Just to put the results into perspective see below results for a competitor website website below:
Competitor Website – Analysis Summary
Lefa-Longrich website outdo the competitor website on key metrics which give it advantage especially that 100 on SEO. That 100 on SEO means that when searching on the internet it will be much easier to find Lefa-Longrich that the competitor website.In measuring the performance of your business you look at metrics like revenue and profit. in our case the quality of our website is measured by assessing the “Performance”, “Progressive Web App”, “Accessibility”, “Best Practice” and even much more important “SEO”(More on this another day). Having clear metrics makes it easy to compare results, track progress and asses improvement.Takeaways:
  • To measure effective have clear metrics
  • Measuring exposes us to the opportunities to further improve our work and business
  • Measuring allows us to assess the viability of our ideas, projects and tasks.
One more thing, you can never over measure your performance, the quality of your work. Measure anything and every aspect of your business if not your life. Remember what they say, if you can’t measure it you cant manage it.Btw the Lefa-Longrich website was done in less than 72 hours and the client is pleased.For now i have to go (Some of us have got to work)😉
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