Welcome to Side-Gigs

Welcome to Side-Gigs

I am all about side-gigs, work that generates income for you beside your formal employment. Not only am i about side-gigs, but have over the years started so many side-gigs some i even forget.

This blog is really about sharing the lessons from all the side-gigs with hope that someone is also inspired to start a side-gig or two. Another thing is that they say “Experience is the best teacher” but i find that learning from experience is the worse form of learning – this i learned a bit too late. If you can learn from other people’s experience you can avoid a lot of pain and embarrassment. The best learner learns from the mistakes his or her teachers.

Well, more about lessons later but lets take count of all side-gigs i have been though to where i am today:

  • 2005 – ComponentIT – This wasn’t really a side-gig in the sense that i was not yet formally employed but it laid the foundation. Beside being the first side-gig it was also my first Technology side-gig.
  • 2006 – Student Assistance – This was a lucrative side-gig of doing computer programming projects for 3rd years students and post-graduate students. Meant some interesting people during this time.
  • 2009 – Mayihlome News – at the request of my older brother i started a blog called Mayihlome News on wordpress. This was not really a side-gig as it didn’t generate any revenue for me but right now its a growing side-gig.
  • 2010 – Musuku – This was a micro-lending side-gig where i offered competitive loans to friends and colleagues. Biggest loan was R10k.
  • 2011 – Taxi – This was one of the most lucrative side-gigs ever, i operated a taxi on Randburg. It was a R750 a day side-gig!!!
  • 2012 – NouveauIT – This was an attempt to resurrect ComponentIT as a side-gig.
  • 2014 – Musuku Africa – Musuku evolved from micro-lending side-gig to a website development side-gig.
  • 2015- Musuku Music – this side-gig still lives but its early roots was only predominantly around artists management and hit the ground running with Sir McKlekker as the first artist. It has since expanded to cover and have as its core service Online Music Distribution.
  • 2016 – RoomZa – this side-gig was still born and i only include it here because there are valuable lessons around it.
  • 2017 – Gudani Tshivenda App – this wasn’t a side-gig as such as it was a product that i developed under Musuku Africa but its development offers valuable for side-gigsts.
  • 2018 – Musuku Bulk SMS – this side gig is still developing but already offers so much insight and has in a way marked a new era of my side-gig life.

I am sure i have missed a few gigs but i will update as i recall them but these form the basis of the lessons i am going to be sharing weekly.


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